This year, European Jean Monnet Program is linking to the first Symposium of Michelin Cities Network, November 29th - December 1st, 2017.

Experts invited this year :

Paul James (Australia)

Aleix Martin Altimiras (Brazil)

Ulrich Goluke (Germany)

Program of 2017


The European Jean Monnet Module is focus on Lectures and Discussion about sustainable development. Experts from many countries are invited to share their skills and initiate scientific debates. This program is financed by Eurasmus Agency since 2015.


  1. 1.Training for 25 Students

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Edition 2017

Edition 2016 runned on two weeks, four modules were proposed.

Module 1 : European Socioeconomic Models

Module 2 : European Education on Sustainable Development

Module 3 : European Strategy of Sustainable Development

Module 4 : Research Activities on Sustainable Development

Program of 2016 Edition

Experts invited for the symposium

Roger Guesnerie (Collège de France)

Vala Ragnarsdottir (University of Iceland), Marie-Curie Program’s Coordinator

Edition 2016


European Jean Monnet Program has be connected with the Summer School of CNRS on Integrated assessment models : IAM).

Experts invited this year :

Jean Charles Hourcade (France)

Nico Bauer (PIK)

Ulrich Goluke (Germany)

Matthew Giddens (IASA)

Nuno Videira (Portugal)

Program 2018

Results from the Jean Monnet Module

30 seminars and invited experts for lecture (see OR2D’program) in french and english

2 european Symposium (2016, 2017)

4 Award Jean Monnet Prize on Sustainable Development

2 summer schools

2 MOOC (développement durable et éducation au développement durable) with UVED and available on youtube

Un book in Open source access : Europe and Sustainable Development (2017)

                                                   Cover   -   book

Two books engaged in the edition’s processus in 2018 : European cities, road to Sustainability and Integrated assessment models

Edition 2015

European Jean Monnet Program has be connected with the Summer School of CNRS on Sustainable Development and energy transition

Experts invited this year :

Patrick Criqui (France)

Francine Pellaud (Suisse)

Jacques Varet (France)

Sandrine Mathy (France)

Program 2015